Zupee Gold Hack 2020 | Zupee Gold Answers Hack

Zupee Gold Hack 2020 | Zupee Gold Answers Hack


Get to know about zupee gold answers hack and earn unlimited money, play at zupee gold hack with 0 loss, refer and earn at zupee gold hack and withdraw cash.

Get a free tutorial on how to participate in tournaments at zupee app and get money unlimited paytm cash. Also, know how to download and register at zupee gold app along with that also get to know about how to withdraw money from zupee gold App.

get paytm cash of 100rs by simply following the steps mentioned in the article. Zupee app can make you earn a lot of money. it is one of the best-earning apps.

The most interesting thing about the app is, the user will never lose money if he/she at least answers one correct answer. You can earn lakhs of money at earning application.

Zupee Gold Answers Hack

zupee gold app

zupee gold app is a question and answer (QnA) application that lets users earn paytm cash for playing simple quizzes organized at earning application. Users can earn money by simply answering the quiz.

The quizzes are generally based on Bollywood, Hollywood, sports, maths, and so many other categories. There are over 200+ quiz tournaments running in the paytm cash earning app.

The most interesting thing about the Zupee app is ‘everybody is a winner. hence there is no or negligible chance of losing money at zupee gold app.zupee gold questions and answers. zupee gold answers hack. zupee gold questions and answers

How to Download The Zupee Gold Hack App?

  1. You can download the App by clicking this Zupee Apk ( Latest ) Link.
  2. Make sure you apply zupee gold app referral code yhp44ef to earn rs 10 paytm cash and get 12 playing tickets and earn more 20 rs by answering at least one answer correctly.

zupee referral code – yhp44ef

free tickets at zupee gold app

Join through this link. You will get benefits of Rs 50 or even more.

How To Register At Zupee Gold App?

In order to register, you must provide your phone number, you must enter the number linked with your paytm account.

To do this, Go to the Menu by tapping on three lines situated at the top right corner.

  1. press on MY PROFILE.Registration on zupee gold
  2. Enter your details in the respective section given in the boxes.
  3. User will have to enter their:-
  • Email address
  • Name
  • Username
  • Paytm Registered number
  • Bank details ( optional)
  • Submit your KYC details

How To Play At The Zupee App?

how to play at zupee app

  • Go-To Event.
  • Check participation prices, price distribution, the timing of the tournament.
  • Select your preferred tournament and register yourself before the time limit gets over.
  • Use the free tickets to join the tournament for the first two times. make sure you join the everybody wins the tournament to win some amount of money even if you answer just one correct answer.
  • Carefully read the question and answer all the questions correctly in order to win some amount of paytm cash.

Refer and Earn at Zupee App

Users can make more money at zupee gold app by just referring your friends.you can invite your friends to join the app by your referral link and directly earn paytm cash in paytm wallet.

Refer and Earn at Zupee App.

Earn 10rs Paytm Cash by simply Referring your friends.

  1. Refer zupee gold app to your friend who is a new user.
  2. If your friend uses your referral code. your friend will get a bonus + free tickets to play quizzes.
  3. You will get rs 10 as a referral bonus.


To successfully earn Refer Bonus.

Zupee Gold Hack 2020 | Zupee Gold Answers Hack 1

  • your friend has to enter your referral code in the refer and earn section of the app.
  • Copy the referral code of your friend and paste in the dialogue box of “Redeem your referral code”.
  • After entering the referral code you will be successfully able to redeem your sign up from the referral bonus.

How to Withdraw Money in Zupee Gold App?

There are two ways to withdraw money from the zupee app.

  • Paytm
  • Bank Account

how to withdraw money at zopee app

Steps To Redeem Winning Amount In Zupee App.

you can withdraw the winning amount as paytm cash or redeem it into your bank account directly.

  1. Go to profile
  2. Press on MY WALLET.
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw.
  4. Press withdraw money.

Unlimited Offers at Zupee App

unlimited tick for zupee app

Users will get rs 10 rs cashback as play money deposits above rs.100.

Likewise, users can get a cashback of Rs. 50, Rs 150, Rs 350 and Rs 1000 on deposits of  Rs 1000, Rs 5000, Rs 10000 and Rs 20000 respectively.

FAQ about Zupee App.

1- What is live tournament?
The live tournament is an ongoing tournament that is played by player live at zupee gold app

2- What is relive tournament?
Relive tournament is nothing but playback of tournament which was live in the past. users can play relive tournament for practice purpose.

3- What is the minimum withdraw amount at zupee gold App?
Users can withdraw from rs 1 to 60000 Paytm cash in zupee gold.

4- How to withdraw money in zupee Gold app?
Users can withdraw money by going to menu -> Withdraw Money and can enter the amount users wish to withdraw.

5- how to redeem your referral code?

in order to redeem sign up bonus, user need to go to refer and earn section and paste the referral code and earn rs 25 bonus


Zupee gold App is an all-round earning app that will make you earn money and also you will gain knowledge and sharpen your brain. download this quiz and earn money by playing it. make sure to answer at least 1 correct answer in order to win guaranteed money.zupee gold questions and answers.

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