Why MPL is Removed From Playstore | The Hidden Agenda Of MPL

Why MPL is Removed From Playstore | The Hidden Agenda Of MPL


 Doubts You Should Clarify About MPL. Recently MPL has been removed from Playstore. get to know why MPL is removed from Playstore. here you can read about the reason of removal of MPL.

Earn Money At MPL

After removal of TIkTOK, Now removal of MPL app is one the most discussed and hot topic on the internet. Read this whole article to understand the causes and reasons behind the removal of MPL application from Playstore.

Back then in 2018, Mobile Premier League was launched at Google Playstore during the month of November and by Galactus firmware.

What Is MPL (Mobile Premier League)?

  • MPL Live is one of the most popular and trending applications used in India.
  • which gave their users reward in return for playing games.
  • User can play a wide variety of games and earn cash by Playing it and making it to the top.
  • There are more benefits while playing this MPL Live game. You can get to know while reading the whole articles.
  • Download MPL Live

How You Can Earn More Money From This MPL Application

  • why MPL Removed
    Referral Code Of MPL

    Users can earn money by referring to their Friends.

  • There are millions of downloads of this app, many people are still earning thousands of money from this MPL Application.
  • Here’s Rs. 50 and 25 Tokens to play with me on MPL. Click the link https://getmpl.com/knwNeUfoyW to download the App and use my invite code Y5D7AW to register.


The MPL Has Removed From The Play Store

refer and earn in mpl live
Earnings By Referral Code

It is rumoured that MPL is banned. there are also many other rumours about MPL and it has also been heard that soon MPL will be banned from India.

Along with it is also assumed that the MPL Live App is removed by The Development team because many users were using certain kind of unwanted tricks in order to harness money from MPL.

By Removal of MPL Application What Benefit User Has

It is interesting to note that after the removal of MPL Live app from the Playstore. The Mpl Live app has changed its rewarding policy and it is now offering 25 rs per refer unlike previously.

previously they offered around 5-10 rs per refer, currently, the MPL has also increased their referral rewards and is currently increasing its download at the official site of MPL.

‌Many of you might Be Feeling Disappointed Because Of The Removal of Mpl Live App.

Currently, there are no official or trustworthy reasons available behind the cause of removal of MPL from the playstore.

Why MPL Is Removed?

Right now we can’t provide you with an exact reason on why and by whom is the MPL Live app removed from Playstore. Until the official announcement for the cause behind it. We can possibly count one reason behind removal Of MPL Live

  • Playstore might have removed MPL from Playstore due to breaking of the policy.‌
  • The MPL is still of the most popular application. It is still available at the official site of MPL website and users can still have access to it.
  • Still, There Is No Strong Reason That Why Is In Not Showing On Playstore.

Updates Of MPL Live Application

The MPL App was removed from playstore in the month of may and it is still not restored on playstore.

why mpl is removed from playstoreAs per the sources, the development team of Mobile premier league stated that they are working with google play team and resolving the issue and users can expect the arrival of the app soon at google play store.

It is being rumoured that the Mobile premier league app ha been removed from play store due to technical issues and the development team is working to fix the issue and re-launch the app in play store market.on the other hand, the app is available in-app store market and the official website of MPL.

we hope the app soon come back to Playstore so a new user can join the community of gaming and earn.

So stay tuned in order to know more. We will keep you updated about the latest news and updates…


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