[Latest] Why Is MPL Not On Play Store | is MPL Banned

[Latest] Why Is MPL Not On Play Store | is MPL Banned

Are you wondering why is MPL not on play store? youngsters are playing online web or app-based games in India nowadays. Particularly cell phone users like to e-sports games such as Dream 11 and MPL.


Why Is MPL Not On Play Store?

MPL - Play Games, Win Free PayTM Cash And Earn UnlimitedIn such a circumstance, the removal of the Mobile Premier League (MPL) from the Google Play Store can be awful news for Android gamers. This gaming application is accessible on the Apple App Store.

According to sources, the Play Store doesn’t allow real money, betting, pay-to-play applications on its platform. It does in certain nations, as indicated by a news story, however not currently in India. A year back similarly like MPL, Dream11’s application was also expelled from the Play Store because it is a similar game that involves real cash and betting, which of course play store doesn’t support.

Hence, Many of the earning application games which require submitting real cash are not available on the play store and can be only downloaded from the official website of the game.


You might be wondering is MPL a safe game to play?

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Is MPL Banned? | Why MPL Is Not On Playstore? | Is MPL Is Legit?

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Is MPL available on Play Store?

No, MPL is not available on the play store.

Is MPL available on IOS?

Yes, MPL is available on IOS i.e App Store. you can download MPL from by clicking here use Invite Code Y5D7AW.

Conclusion On Why is MPL not on Play Store

the MPL is not available not play store as it is a kind of gambling game that is not allowed in the google play store as it is against the google developers’ policies. we hope you got the reason why is MPL not on the Play Store.

Why MPL is Removed From Playstore | The Hidden Agenda Of MPL

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