What Is SAR Value | SAR Value Of Mobile Phones List 2020

What Is SAR Value | SAR Value Of Mobile Phones List 2020

What is SAR Value Radiation, How Its Affect To Your Mind And Body, 10 Ways to Protect yourself From Phone Radiation , Find out SAR value of your Cell Phone in the article given below..

All the Smartphone devices give ways to radiation and harm your body. Here you can find out the SAR value of your cell phone and save yourself from phone radiation by following these steps in the article given below with a better understanding of the term SAR.

We are here to talk about the mobile radiation. As we have discussed above that we have always been around the radiation and radiation in smaller amounts is considered safe. It is also important to note that exposure to a lower frequency of radiation for a longer period can be harmful to the human body. All the smartphones give away a certain amount of radiofrequency and extremely low-frequency radiation combined in the form of non- ionizing electromagnetic field radiation.

What is Radiation?

What is radiation

In the simplest language, radiation is the amount of energy that is constantly moving or traveling through a medium or an area in form waves and particles. Though there are different kinds of radiations namely alpha radiation, gamma radiation, beta radiation, and X radiation. We are surrounded by various types of radiation by numerous means.

Radiations have also become a part of medical science and are used advantageously to treat many of the diseases

All the smartphone devices give ways radiation in small amount and this radiation get retained into the body, generally through body tissue arranged at or close where the mobile phone is held. The intensity of the radiation that enters into the user’s body is determined by various factors such as cell phone type, the distance between the users and cell phone antennae, the amount of time spent on a cell phone.

What Radiation Do Phones Emit?

Cell emits radio waves called radiofrequency in the form of non- ionizing electromagnetic field radiation. This radiation enters the body in a very minute amount. It is also necessary to know that only body parts that are near to cell phone antennae can absorb the radiation.

How to check sar value

What is SAR Value?

SAR value means value of the Specific Absorption Rate. It is a unit that measures the value or amount of Radiation emitted by a particular device. The lower the SAR the safer you are from absorbing radiation. Federal communication commission in government organization based in us regulates and controls the international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable.

The Federal communication commission has a limit to the radiation in measure of SAR estimated by the measure of the telephone’s radiation vitality (in watts, W) assimilated per kilogram of tissue (W/kg).

It is mandatory for Cell phone producers to submit their cell phone product’s maximum SAR value to The Federal communication commission.

As per the guidelines of FCC, The maximum amount  SAR value a cell phone should not exceed in India is 1.6 W/Kg.

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How to check SAR value?

  1. You can check the Sar value of your cell phone by dialing *#07# on your dial pad and you will get the maximum SAR value of your device on your screen
  2. Check your devices SAR value at your cell phone manufacturers As it is mandatory for all the cell phone manufacturers to publically publish their product’s SAR value.

Check out your cell phones SAR value by Visiting your device manufacturers’ website by links provided here.

  1. You can also check SAR value by going into your devices setting > about device > legal > RF exposures. Moreover, you can also determine the SAR value of your phone by checking your user manual.

The Facts About SAR Value Of Your Device

 A number of users falsely accept that utilizing a Smartphone with a lower revealed SAR level fundamentally diminishes a user’s chances to absorb radiations, or is by one way or another “more secure” than utilizing a mobile phone with a high SAR level. But actually that a value at which the phones SAR value can go in extreme condition. There is no typical SAR value for your device.

We cannot neglect the fact that radiation causes harm to our bodies. It is always advisable to use our device in a certain set of limits in order to avoid any ill issues caused by cell phone radiation.  As there are so many harmful effects that may not show up now but their symptoms may appear in the future after a long term of use in a negligent way.

Effects Of Cell Phone Radiation Explained

 The effect of radiation on a child’s brain is more severe than an adult’s brain.  According to research the cell phone adversely contributes to the health of the human body and prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation can result in harmful health effects. The biggest threat has been the possibility of developing brain cancer. Radiation impacts are intense and further examinations should be done to decide precisely how perilous the impacts of radiation can be.

How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

You can make minute changes in your daily habits and contribute greatly to yourself by following these measures to protect your body from cell phone radiation.

  • Avoid using your phone when there is no need for it.
  • Keep your phone away from your body while resting.
  • Cover your phone with anti-radiation skin.
  • Use hands-free while talking on the phone.
  • Completely Avoid Using cell phones during pregnancy.
  • Don’t allow the child less than 13 years of age to use the phone for a long time.
  • Turn off GPS when not in use.
  • Turn ON airplane mode when you don’t need a network.
  • Never keep your phone nearby our head or under your pillow.
  • Keep at least 15-20 centimeters distance between your face and cell phone.

Crazy iPhone Users Here Is Your Article iPhone Sar Value List.

SAR Value Of Mobile Phones list 2019

It is really necessary for you to check the SAR value of any phone before purchasing it. as it could several undesirable consequences that may be harmful to human health in the long run.

List Of Devices Value (w/kg)
MI A1 1.75
Xiaomi Note 5 1.29
OnePlus 6T 1.55
Google Pixel 3XL 1.39
OnePlus 5T 1.68
OnePlus 5 1.39
HTC U12 Elite 1.48
Xiaomi Mi Max 3 1.45
iPhone 7 1.38
Sony Xperia X21 Compact 1.36
OnePlus 6 1.33
ZTE AXON 7 mini 1.29
Infinix Note 5 1.6
HTC Design 12/12 Plus 1.34
Apple iPhone 8 1.20
Samsung Galaxy S7 1.59
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 1.19
Samsung Galaxy S4 1.18
Apple iPhone 5 1.18
Apple iPhone 6 1.18
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 1.19
Apple iPhone 7 Plus 1.18
Xiaomi Mi 6 1.55
Google Pixel 3 1.33
Redmi 6a 0.656
Redmi Note 5 1.19



Low Sar Value Mobiles In India 2020


List of Low Sar Value Mobiles
Samsung Galaxy Note8 0.17
ZTE Axon Elite 0.17
LG G7 0.24
Samsung Galaxy A8 0.24
Samsung Galaxy S8+ 0.26
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 0.26
HTC U11 life 0.28
LG Q6/Q6+ 0.28
Samsung Galaxy S9+ 0.29
Motorola Moto g5 plus 0.30
Motorola Moto Z 0.30
Samsung Galaxy j6+ 0.31
ZTE Blade A610 0.31
Samsung Galaxy j4+ 0.32
Samsung Galaxy S8 0.32
ZTE Blade V9 0.32






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