Sosyo Drink – About Sosyo | Price and Dealership at Hajoori

Sosyo Drink – About Sosyo | Price and Dealership at Hajoori

Sosyo is going crazy in the market. know about Sosyo drink, its price and how to get dealership at the given article below.

Sosyo is one of the popular drink among many youths and adults and hence famous beverage in India. This soft drink,  originally manufactured as an alternate option to foreign brand Vimto. Vimto was a famous soft drink brand during the period of the 1920s.

Sosyo is a soft drink product manufactured and marketed by hajoori “since 1923”. It is an Indian aerated drink. The Sosyo drink is not only marketed in India. it has now become a multinational brand being exported and sold over the united states, united kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and UAE.

About Sosyo Drink

SOSYO indian drinkSosyo is a sub-brand of hajoori with a tagline of Apna Desh apna drink as it was originated as part of swadesi movement as its manufacturer Mohsin hajoori was greatly influenced by the Mahatma Gandhi.

It is one of the most famous and popular in the city of Surat mainly known for its unique taste.

The most interesting part about the drink is that it itself is a non-alcoholic drink but still tastes like alcohol giving it a unique ad special taste soft drink. There is a lot of multinational ads national along with local competitors but it stands out among them.

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About Hajoori

 SOSYO drinks

Hajoori is situated in Surat at Gujarat. Hajoori and sons have now become a big national and multinational brand with more than 1 lakh retail outlet stores and   7 franchises. They made alternate drinks to foreign soft drinks, manufactured by Mohsin hajoori under the great influence of Mahatma Gandhi.

The hajoori brand manufactures many products namely Kashmir soda, jeera Xtreme and many varieties of juices namely orange, lemon, ginlim.

How To Get Sosyo Dealership

You may visit the official website of hajoori at or email them at  and mail your queries to them.

Always choose Apna Desh apna drink as a proud Indian.

The price of sosyo is just 12 rs per glass bottle.

More Products From Hajoori

sosyo productsThe hajoori and sons also manufacture other beverages namely :

  • Runner – a premium energy drink.
  • S’eaue alkaline water (9.5 pH)
  • Jeera Xtreme – Xtreme fizz.
  • Opener drink with 6 different flavors namely ginger, raspberry, nimbu, pineapple, etc.
  • Ginlim – blend of ginger and lemon.

though there are a lot of other soft drink brands but we should always promote and encourage swadeshi products. we can take inspiration from Mohsin hajoori and take initiative towards Indian brands. support the great movement of make in India.

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