Savant Syndrome Definition | Causes | Genius Disease | Symptoms

Savant Syndrome Definition | Causes | Genius Disease | Symptoms

Read about the (Genius Disease) savant syndrome psychology definition, it causes, treatment and also read about some interesting personalities diagnosed.

Savant Syndrome Psychology Definition :

It is a condition in which a person posses mental illness but on the other hand, they do also possess Extraordinary skills that may be associated with reading and remembering things faster than a normal person or maybe performing fast calculations.

what is savant syndrome

What Is Savant Syndrome?

  • In layman language, the word savant refers to a person who possesses some extraordinary skills in a particular area of a Subject.
  • It is a very rare condition and happens to only 1 in a million peoples.
  • person suffering from diseases has some of the extraordinary skills and abilities that make them outshine from normal individuals.
  • This condition often comes with the birth of a child and then it is detected during childhood or it can develop in later life after CNS or brain injury.
  • The extraordinary skills of Savant fall under five different categories: music, art, calendar calculating, mathematics or mechanical/visual-spatial skills.

In some exceptional cases, other skills include : language (polyglot), unusual sensory discrimination, athletics or brilliant knowledge in specific fields such as neuron physiology, statistics, navigation or computers. The affected Individual may show one of these skills or multiple skills. Hence it is Genius’s Disease.

Savant Syndrome Causes

Usually, this condition occurs by birth but there are some causes which can be a reason for this Disorder.

  1. It may occur due to injury on brain
  2. This can occur due to a change in genes or genes.
  3. Premature birth of a child. ( Less than 35 weeks)
  4. an individual may acquire disease due to hierarchical conditions.

causes of savant syndrome

There are no definite causes of such disorder but doctors and researchers are still conducting research for the same.

Savant Syndrome Symptoms

Savants possess central nervous system disease and they can be easily noticed on the basis of their abnormal behavior.

Though this is a disease, it is not a curse but a boon to an effected individual in some way or another. The individual with such disorder or disease may possess mental illness but at the same time, they are blessed with some extraordinary skills. They are imperfectly perfect with their abilities.

Savant Syndrome Example

We have some remarkable personalities with such disorders and it is really interesting to know about them and their exceptional abilities.


The 13-year-old blind boy who could perfectly repeat any piece of the piano just listening it at once. He was also able to play two different songs at the same time.


Lerman began drawing charcoal portraits at the age of 10. He is the savant with an IQ of over 150. By the age of 14, his pieces were appearing in New York art galleries having worth of $1,200.


He comes to our mind when we hear the term autistic savant. He performed the role of an autistic savant in the film RAIN MAN which was released in 1988 and it was inspired by (KIM PEEK).

Savant Syndrome Characteristics

Savants show brilliancy and have the ability to naturally master the Areas falling into music, art, mathematical calculations , navigation, history, and sensory skills.

  • Memorize books at one glance and recall any word of the same immediately.
  • Measure distance without any instruments.
  • Play multiple music instruments without practicing it before.
  • Superfast numeric calculation of dates or any numeric value in seconds.
  • Advanced and brilliant learning skills.

savant syndrome characteristics

Savant Syndrome Treatment

Once the infected individual was treated by the specialist and prescribed with major tranquilizers and antiparkinsonian drugs. Gradually with time, the patient responded well. There is currently no fixed treatment procedure for the disease. Researchers and scientists are looking forward to finding the cause and cure for the disorder.


the above disorder is not actually a disorder but a boon the infected person. the person with such disorder may lack some mental abilities but on the other hand, they do also possess some exceptional skills and abilities that make them superior from normal individuals.

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