Fuljar Soda – Recipe of Fuljar Drink | Ingredients in Fuljar

Fuljar Soda – Recipe of Fuljar Drink | Ingredients in Fuljar

Have you heard about the fuljar drink or fuljar soda ? are you willing to try the fun of drinking fuljar soda then definitely make sure to check out the recipe given below.

About Fuljar Soda

about fuljar

Fuljar soda or Fuljar Drink is going viral on the internet and has become a common drink all over India. The fuljar soda was originally firstly prepared at the state of Kerala and now has become the fizzing topic all the streets and India.

Fuljar is not just a drink but its a lot of fun to drink it and enjoy the flavor in a different way. The fuljar is really a unique and new drink introduced in the market and it is really fun to try the fuljar soda.

The fuljar is definitely one of the best remedy options for beating this heat. The video of fuljar soda is too much viral over the internet and has attracted many foodies to try over the fuljar soda drink.

How to Drink Fuljar Soda?

  • The fuljar soda is prepared in two glasses. One being small as a shot glass and another one is bigger.
  • The small glass contains paste and blends of many drink ingredients such as lemon, ginger, mint leaves, and many other flavors.
  • The larger glass is filled with Soda or carbonated beverages.
  • The more than half part of the large glass is filled with soda and the small glass is dropped inside. The glass of soda resulting in an instant fizz and the drinker has to finish the full glass in one go to experience the full worthiness of the fizzing drink. Though he/she may also drink it as per his/her wish.

* Reading this might have also turned on your excitement of trying the fuljar soda once.

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How to Make Fuljar Soda | Recipe For Fuljar Drink

Recipe For Fuljar DrinkSo let us now talk about its recipes to make Fuljar. So in order to know about how to prepare the fuljar drink at home. Read the recipe given below.

Note: The following recipe is for one serving.

Ingredients Are :
  1. Half glass of Soda ( half-liter)
  2. A small cup of Sugar syrup
  3. Mint leaves
  4. Green chilly
  5. One lemon
  6. Salt as per taste
  7. Few pieces of ginger
  8. Soaked basal seeds (falooda seeds)

Directions for Preparing the Fuljar SodaHow to Make Fuljar Soda

  • Chop down mint leaves, green chilly, ginger, pinch of salt and blend them in a grinder.
  • Transfer the blend into a small glass.
  • Add a spoonful l of basal seeds (falooda seeds) into the small shot glass.
  • Add a few spoons of sugar syrup and a little amount of salt into it.
  • Finally, add few spoons of lemon into a blend.
  • Gently mix all the contents and keep the small glass aside.
  • Pour soda up to more than a half of bigger size glass.

So now the recipe is done and all you will have to do is drop the small shot glass into the bigger glass and gulp the full glass in one go.

The drink is definitely worth trying. this drink can be a really a good refreshment and help you to beat the heat. moreover, this drink also contains healthy and tasty ingredients namely lemon, mint, ginger. though it is considered harmful to drink too much-carbonated drink it is okay to drink it one in a week for refreshment purposes.

So here was how you can make your own fuljar drink at home. The drink is definitely worth trying a once at your home or nearest juice store to your home. I hope this article was helpful to all  the readers

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