Prevention of Coronavirus By Surya Namaskar

Prevention of Coronavirus By Surya Namaskar

Prevention of coronavirus is highly essential as coronavirus is spread worldwide and taken the form of a pandemic. Coronavirus alarm has expanded around the world. the Government of numerous nations also has taken a few several measures tournament the growth of coronavirus and prevent its spread.

Prevention of Coronavirus

According to Baba Ramdev, good immunity leads to good health. Good immunity is only the way to stay far away from diseases. likewise, baba Ramdev believes that doing yoga & Surya Namaskar can also prevent coronavirus.
In the present time period coronavirus is scaring the whole world. Increasing cases of COVID are seen & panic among the people due to fear of coronavirus is also increasing day by day.

To prevent the effect of coronavirus Ayurveda is most helpful. Ayurveda, yoga is one of those curing ways which takes time but they are only the ultimate cure for this kind of dangerous disease. If we think practically than yoga Ayurveda is not only helpful for the cure but it also helps in building immunity & doing it regularly there are many more perks of it.

One of the postures of Surya namaskar namely pranayama asana is considered as a good immunity booster. baba Ramdev addressed that his WBC ( white blood cells ) grew in number after performing pranayama asana

Baba Ramdev suggests having a desi cure for every disease. He had suggested preventing coronavirus with the help of giloy. It is a kind of herb also known as Tinospora Cordifolia. The giloy should be boiled & turmeric, leaves of tulsi & pepper are added into it to prepare ayurvedic juice. Drinking it every day will help to prevent the virus. In such a way many more herbs like amla, neem, tulsi, etc are helpful making their juice & having it regularly will help one to live disease-free.


Steps Towards Prevention of Coronavirus By Pranayama Asana

How To Prevention of Coronavirus By Surya Namaskar

  • Stand in Namaskar position
  • Press the top point of the palms on one another.
  • Press the center bit of the palms firmly
  • Press the part of all the fingers tightly of both of your hands.
  • evacuate the air in the middle of the palms.

If we investigate deeply & practically Ayurveda is just the way to avoid each disease & to live virus free. It’s not a cure. It takes time but they help us to build such immunity that leads to an indirect cure for every disease. Thus Ayurveda, yoga is such ways that are helpful, effective & healthy ways for building immunity & keep our body virus free.



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