End of Instagram Automation tools ? How to Active Automation Tool

End of Instagram Automation tools ? How to Active Automation Tool

Is it the end of Instagram automation tools?  Recently many of the accounts using automation tools or performing such activities manually daily, got a follow ban.

There might be many reasons for such follow ban. It is interesting to know that the accounts that were not performing such sort of stuff or performing such actions in a minimalistic manner are also getting follow banned.

followers in instagram tips and trickNow we can’t state that this is an end of Instagram automation tools because this stuff happened in 95-98 % of the account at the same time and same day. We may call it to the bug or may call it an Instagram strategy to eradicate the Automation tools.

There are so reasons we can count but can’t tell you what the exact reason is. But we can still assume some of the reasons now and count on them.

Instagram generally does this kind of ban on its users every year. But this time Instagram has implemented this ban for a long time and has performed such actions in a large number of accounts have become a victim of such a follow the ban. So let us assume it might be a temporary follow ban.

What May Be The Reasons For Follow Ban

  • Instagram might have to change the daily limit into a monthly limit.

follow ban reason

Until now the daily limit of Instagram follow un-follow was 200 and performing this activity daily was

considered safe as this activity never lead to follow ban or account suspension before. But recently it leads to the following ban with even no-follow.

So we may consider that Instagram might have updated its limit on daily follow actions and might be made it monthly or weekly limit and not daily. Many of the accounts who didn’t perform any follow activity within 24 hours were also found to follow ban notice.

  • It might be an Instagram bug.

Many of the accounts using lite settings in their automation tools are also getting follow ban. So we can count that it might be the Instagram bug and not policy-violating action. I have been facing this issue for more than 4 days even after having the lite setting and the manual follows at a normal rate.

  • Instagram to remove automation tools.

Automation tools have now become common and many accounts have been using Instagram automation tools for so long.

they are also exploiting the features of automation tools to gain more followers and engagements in their Instagram handle.

So Instagram may be doing follow ban to stop such activities that go against their privacy policy.

About End of Instagram Automation tools

  1.  This is not the end of Instagram automation tools.
  2. It might be a temporary pause due to some technical issues or the detection of harmful or policy-violating actions.
  3.  Pause all the automated services for now.
  4.  leave your account as it is and wait for some official announcement or concrete reason for this situation.
  5. Keep Aggressive settings and use filters in your Instagram tool.
  6. Always play on the safer side. Do not let a robot Destroy your Instagram account.

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How to Make Safe Use Of Automation Tools?

how to use instagram automation tool

Even though the BAN is presently Removed, however, Instagram has introduced some major changes in its privacy and now it has turned out to be so hard to utilize Instagram automation tools. Using Instagram automation tools wisely and smartly can save you from getting banned.

Here is how you can remain safe from getting a follow, like, comment Ban to your Automated Instagram account.

  1. Never use Your automation device in the same setting for more than 2-3 days.
  2. No matter how old your record is, Always Re-start with a lower number of action counts and gradually make an increment in the number of activities.
  3. Always read the directions and rules given by your automation tool provider.
  4. do not re-use the automation tool immediately after Expired Ban. give your Account time and increase the number of activities day by day.

Now Instagram isn’t just blocking one sort of activity yet additionally blocking all the activities such as like, comment, follow and posting.

It is incredibly significant for us to be cautious while utilizing the tool and Avoid Mass Actions, for example, mass unfollow and a huge number of activities identified with like, follow and comment. Instagram robot ascertains the point of confinement of the

Activity individually for every Account and it has wound up hard for us to see, how the Instagram robot works.

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  1. i though i was the only one getting follow ban. thank you the team toggle feed for the update.

  2. AI is gonna fuck us all. I believe its machine learning to identify patterns amongst accounts that automate their actions.

  3. Ik so scared. My friend tool (which we stole form StackPost on codecanyon) will be died. I sad am very. Crying and spilling comment on competitor company i Hate them they have succes. Yes no!

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