10 Easy Ways to Get Free Review Units | Get Free Review Units From Amazon

10 Easy Ways to Get Free Review Units | Get Free Review Units From Amazon

 Advices That You Must Listen Before Applying for Free Review Units. Get free review units websites names. you can read here about how to get free review units. Read the whole article to know about how to get free Units.

Do you ever wonder: How YouTubers, bloggers or influencers get free review units for YouTube?  how to get free products to review on youtube?Get Free Traffic And Review Units

How You To Get Free Review Units?

  1. Bangood
  2. GearBest
  3. Brand New Companies.
  4. Affiliate program
  5. 3+ Best Website For Free Review Units.

Introduction of How to Get Free Review Units

You must have seen the UN-boxing of Too many products by too many YouTubers and also might have seen Articles that intend to provide you a review of the product unit.

There are dedicated review sites and YouTube channels that un-box the product units and provide you a detailed review of so many products on a regular base.

Well, it is because they have good Social Media reach and they have the ability to influence people to buy the products they review for. But what if I tell you, you can get these free review units or free review products even if you are a small scale YouTuber or social media influencer with less reach. get review units for free

Get free Review Units Yes, it is possible to get free review units or products or at least at discounted rates.

I am not claiming that you will get 100$+ products for reviews or promotion but I assure you can get some products less than worth 50$ at these sites.

Not all the user require to have large subscribers or Large online followings, you can even earn free review units by sharing links and by bringing new users to the website and get their product sold by your link. This is a bit difficult but somehow achievable.

Today I am going to guide you on how to get review units for free and share the best websites that really give you free products.

Free Review Units Websites

1. How To Get Free Review Units From Banggood

The website named Banggood is of the most trusted and reputed international website. Bang good allows you to purchase products, but moreover, it also gives you free review units if you have good social media reach. get banggood review units.

The bang good has good reach over all over the world and it is considered one of the best shopping websites in the international market.

  •     How to earn from bang-good?

So all you need to do is register yourself at the site from the link given below.

press here to register at Bang good.

Daily Check And earn
Daily Check-in

-> you can earn USD at banggood website by simply performing a daily check-in. Moreover if you check-in regularly, you get rewarded every end of the week in forms of amazing gifts and perks.

-> Refer your friend and get a reward of 3$ when your friend purchases banggood products.

How to get free review units
Redeem Coupon

-> new users can avail of lots of coupons while signing up.

However, bang good association has also applications through which you can request free review products.

-> You Can Get an Additional 10% Off On Your First Order.

2.  Gear best

Gear best is also one of the most popular websites that sponsor its user’s with free products in return to the promotion of their product or website in some ways or other.

At gear best, you can refer your friends to register with gear best. If they register themselves and order a product from gear best. You will get a free product of your own wish list as a referral bonus.

Let me show you how you can do the same.

How To Get Free Review units
Make Money at Gear-Best

-> Register yourself By clicking on this link.

-> Go to get free products.

-> Read and fulfill the referral criteria.

So in this way you can get free review products from gear best. This website also lets you join their affiliate program through which you get huge commission. you can use that commission to get free review products.

Now you might be thinking these sites are for big YouTubers or big influencers. Many people like you have availed free products by referring to their friends or family. It might sound difficult but actually, it is not.

If someone from your family or friend is planning to buy an online product, you can suggest their products through links and earn a handsome commission for the same. As these sites are trustworthy and most useful. This way you can get free review products even if you are not a Youtuber or influencer.

3. How To Get Free Review UNITS From Brand New Companies.

Let me tell you one more way through which you can get free products if you have like 1k+ followers, friends or good WhatsApp contacts.

Get Review units
By Sponsors

The online market is growing tremendously; the shop location is not the limit for the marketer. All the emerging brands are using sponsored ads in order to up bring and market their products. You can find this kind of small business brand and approach them through email by requesting the free review unit of their product.

You may find this brand in your explorer page of Instagram or the homepage of Face book.

Following that, you can go and check out their online store and find out their business email. Mail them and mention your social media reach.Best Affiliate Sites

Grow Your Social Media Reach

Growing social media reach will attract new and small scale brands to your profile. this will create an opportunity for you to promote their products and services. in return, the brand will let you use their products and services for free and review them on their social media.

Social Media Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be considered as the hottest social media.

Moreover, you can go for affiliate marketing and get products sold by your unique link.

The Best Sites for Affiliate Marketing Sites

Amazon :

At Amazon.in, You can get your affiliate links. you can post them in your social media account or youtube channel and inspire your followers to buy the products from your affiliate links. if people buy from your Affiliate link, You get relevant points or commission for getting their products sold.

Flipkart :

Flipkart Affiliate marketing is the same as amazon affiliate marketing. You may even use Flipkart for earning points and use those points for buying free products as per your choice,

Meesho :

Meesho is not exactly an affiliate marketing site but a reselling site, where you can earn commission as much as you want. the user has to set its own profit margin and resell the products displayed in Meesho

How To Get Free Sample Units From Amazon and Flipkart?

getting a review unit from Amazon or Flipkart is quite easy if you have a good number of followers and reach in a particular niche.
Amazon and Flipkart are the leading online stores and hence all the retailers want to sell their products on Amazon and Flipkart and as a consequence, both sites have very high competition among sellers. in order to promote the product and boost their sales, the retailer buys amazon ads to display their products on top.

this can be a really great opportunity for reviewers to grab his free unit sample simply by sending a message over Amazon to the seller.
you need to frame an impressive message that describes your self and your capabilities of boosting his sales.

How To Contact Seller At Amazon?

Not all the details of the seller are available on Amazon. but you can still place your query at Amazon that will reach the seller.  all you need to do is go to the product and find out the product seller information right below the product description.

then you’ll land at a different page, you will get an option to ask a question to the seller.

The below example may help you to approach the seller :

hello, my name is XYZ, I need some of your product as a free sample for review purpose.

Product details - Camera flash model XYZ (change it according to your product)

I have 45k Instagram and facebook followers of interest (XYZ) and I have a YouTube channel of 
over 5 thousand subscribers. I will post a dedicated review video on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook

Don't forget to mention your social media link

I hope these tactics will help you get free review products.

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