How To Calculate CGPA | CBSE Result CGPA Calculator

How To Calculate CGPA | CBSE Result CGPA Calculator

How to calculate CGPA? CGPA stands for ‘Cumulative Grade Point Average’. CGPA is an average of grade marks obtain in all subjects.

It excludes the 6th subject from the total subjects of the whole semester. It shows the result of academics.  CGPA is written on the report card. the method given below will answer your question on  How to calculate CGPA?

How To Calculate CGPA?

  • Get marks of all main subjects.
  • Divide sum total marks of all the main subjects by the total number of subjects.
  • You will get a percentage.
  • The percentage is divided by total CGPA.
  • You will get your CGPA.

How To Calculate CGPA CBSE

Example –

  • Suppose your marks of each main subject are 75, 65, and 60 of three subjects and Maximum marks of each subject are 100
  • So total marks obtained are equivalent to (75+65+60) 200.
  • And the sum of the total marks (maximum) is 300.
  • And if these grades total 200 are divided by its total number 300 that is 0.66.
  • 200/300=0.66.
  • Now 0.66*100=66%
  • 66/9.5=6.94 CGPA.

More About CGPA

  • CGPA must be calculated through the Official CGPA Calculator to avoid errors.
  • It is assigned under Indian grading system.
  • It is easy to calculate.
  • 5 are the average scores.
  • It excludes additional subjects.
  • CBSE mostly use it.
  • If it is multiplied by 9.5 we get to know the percentage.

So this is the method on HOW TO CALCULATE CGPA?

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