How To Add Beneficiary In SBI – State Bank Of India

How To Add Beneficiary In SBI – State Bank Of India

Read the full guide on How to add beneficiary in SBI. The world is turning towards a digital life. You can observe everything you need is available digitally. Net Banking or Online Banking plays a major role in support of the digital world.

One can transfer money immediately or can pay the money immediately with the help of Net Banking or Online Banking. While transferring money if you have to add any person as a beneficiary then what will you do? know  about “ How to add beneficiary in SBI”

Primary Steps For Adding Beneficiary:

  • It is mandatory for a user to add beneficiary when the transfer amount exceeds 5000.
  • You must have an account on SBI Online Banking.
  • Foremost things you must have after logging into SBI Online Banking are

Primary Steps For Adding Beneficiary

    • Profile Password
    • Registered Mobile Number

How To Add Beneficiary In SBI

Open SBI Online Banking Homepage. After that, you have to click on Payment / Transfer where you get the option of Add or Manage Beneficiary. Now you have to follow two easy steps for adding a beneficiary.

Add or Manage Beneficiary in sbi


Enter Profile Password

NOTE: Login Password and Profile Password must be different.


Many options will be shown to you like

  • SBI Beneficiary [Account Holder of SBI]
  • Credit Card [VISA] Beneficiary
  • IMPS Beneficiary
  • Other Bank Beneficiary [Account Holder of other Banks]
  • Outward Remittance Beneficiary for NRE / FCNR Account
  • VAN Beneficiary
  • NPS Beneficiary
  • Foreign Outward Remittance Beneficiary

Mostly only two options are used and they are SBI Beneficiary and Other Bank Beneficiary. Further, you have to add Name, Account Number and the transfer amount. The maximum transfer amount available is 1000000. After entering the above details, you will be provided with an OTP on your registered mobile number. Next, you have to select an approval type. For a better and easy way, one must select the Approval Beneficiary.

NOTE: When you select Approval Beneficiary, the Approval limit will be automatically set.

Lastly, you have to get approval through ATM or OTP. The maximum limit of transfer amount through ATM is 1000000. The maximum limit of transfer amount through OTP is 100000. You can select the way according to the transfer amount. Lastly, read all the instructions carefully.


I hope this guide on How to add beneficiary in SBI helped you.

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