How Many Calories Do Squats Burn | Tips To Perform Squats

How Many Calories Do Squats Burn | Tips To Perform Squats

Are you counting how many calories do squats burn? squats can help you get the perfect shape that you are always craving for. the health benefits of squats are countless. moreover, squats can be performed easily at home. let us now know how many calories do squats burn?

There are various factors that decide how many calories are burnt by performing squats.

  • Bodyweight
  • Amount of time spent
  • Level of intensity ( MET value)

How Many Calories Do Squats Burn?

Calories burnt by performing squats basically depends on your body weight, amount of time spent and level of intensity while performing squats. Squats are a simple and normal exercise which anybody can do without any special equipment.

If Squats are performed correctly then it can help one to burn lots of calories. But squats are not performed in a proper manner it can also cause injury in your lower back or in your legs so proper care must be taken. According to What’s Cooking America, one can find out how many calories are burned in one minute by multiplying .096 by your weight in pounds.

For measuring the number of calories burned you can download Application for the same from the Play Store, App Store to count the number of calories you have burned. Then you can multiply the number of calories burnt per minute into the total amount of time you have exercised.

Table On How Many Calories Do Squats Burn With Time And Intensity.

Time interval Lower intensity squats Higher intensity squats
5 19 44
10 38 89
15 58 133
20 78 176
25 97 222


One can perform squats any time they feel while doing any other exercise or activity like lifting the equipment s boxing. Squats are basically performed to increase the overall strength and it Emphasis more on the increasing strength of your legs.

A calorie is something that provides energy in our body which is present in the food in the form of heat in our body. Our body stores and burn calories like fuel so many of the people burn their Calories and Count on them to lose their weight and simultaneously some people count the calories or increase the calories for gaining weight.

Benefits Of Performing Squats.

  • After knowing how many calories you are burning it really helps to achieve your fitness goals or weight loss.
  • When you burn 3500 calories it equals losing 1 lb of weight.
  • So squats are a simple and easy one to reach your fitness goals.

Tips To Perform Squats:

  1. Stand straight and widen your legs a bit at the level of your shoulders.
  2. Tighten your hips and bend down keeping your back straight.
  3. Put the weight of your body on your heels and toes.
  4. Bend down and get up repeat the same.

Benefits Of Performing Squats

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