Exciting Fact Of Rakshabandhan | Essay on Rakshabandhan

Exciting Fact Of Rakshabandhan | Essay on Rakshabandhan

Here is the Brief Article About Rakhi, Exciting Fact and Assumptions Related to It. This content can be a great help in writing an essay on Rakshabandhan.

About This Spiritual Festival

Every Indian festival has its own significance, Every Festival we celebrate has a Good Cause behind it. Just like Any other Festival, Rakshabandhan too has its own significance and values. It is very important for us to celebrate all the events but on the other hand, it is equally important to know the noble cause that is hidden behind the celebration.

So here is the piece of content that will help you to understand the reasons and true meaning of the Rakhi celebrations that are practiced for a long time.

About Rakshabandhan

What is RakshabandhanRakshabandhan is an event that arrives every year in the month of August. It is also known as Rakhi. it is typically an Indian festival celebrated yearly. on this particular day, sister travels to the home of her brother and ties a rakhi ( Decorated String or thread of different colors) on the wrist of her brother, along with tying rakhi she also performs pooja on him and applies Kumkum and rice grains on the forehead of the brother. She also prays for the success and health of her brother and showers her blessings upon him. Brother, in return, gives his sister a Gift or money as a token of Love.

The event is not only limited to these practices but it is meant to enhance and increase the Bond between brother and sister and develop a feeling of care and love for each other. The Rakhi is considered as a guard to the brother that protects him from evil. the brother to promises to protect her sister.

The practice of tying the decorated string in the wrist of a brother  is carried out since time immemorial. Rakhi is a sign of purity and love between the relation of a brother and sister.

Essay on History of Rakshabandhan

There are various myths and assumptions made on the history of rakhi. Every story depicts the Hindu lords and their deedes that lead to a celebration of rakshabandhan.

  • History Of RakshabandhanThe King of hell, Raja Bali was about to complete his 110 yagna (Religious Practice) which can make him able to rule earth and heaven. seeing this all the devatas from heaven got worried and came to Lord Vishnu, hearing this lord Vishnu quickly changed his attire and look into “Vaman” – A mendicant. he went to raja Bali and Requested raja Bali to grant him a wish. Raja Bali being a powerful king granted him 3 wishes as per the choice of Mendicant and asked him to keep his leg on the objects he wanted. Bhixu Kept his first leg on Earth and Heaven but when the chance came for the third wish, the bhixu kept his leg on Raja Bali and hence the raja Bali had to live in hell.

After a period of long Austerity, Raja Bali Finally impressed Lord Vishnu granted him a wish. Raja Bali asked Lord Krishna to Stay at his door for the rest of his life. seeing this, Laxmiji (Indian goddess) got worried and quickly came to raja Bali, she tied him Rakhi and made him her Brother and as a reward she wanted lord Vishnu to be free. This incident took place during Shravan Mahina, Particularly Poornima. Hence, We celebrate Rakhi During Shravan Month.

  • Another Assumption is Part of Mahabharat when Lord Krishna killed shishupal with his chakra (a circular object that is bound to the fingers of Lord Krishna). but unfortunately, when returned, the chakra ultimately hit lord Krishna on his finger. During this, Draupadi (wife of Pandavas) quickly came towards lord Krishna and tried to heal his finger with the usr of her Dupatta (a piece of cloth). Lord Krishna Admired the generosity of Draupadi and gave her boon that he will always protect her from evils and never let anything happen to her.


Maybe the history of rakshabandhan is ultimately aimed to increase the love between brother and sister. The festival that increases love is worth celebrating. I hope this piece of the article was helpful to write an essay on Rakshabandhan and also fruitful for curious-minded readers.

Left Your Valuable Comment what special practices do you perform on this special occasion. Also, add your piece of content to expand this Essay on rakshabandhan.

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