Dholera Smart City | 8 Impressive Features Of Dholera City

Dholera Smart City | 8 Impressive Features Of Dholera City

The Dholera Smart city is project vision is to develop green field smart city , the Dholera smart city will comprise of IOT, ICT, EFT and other Ai Technology.

The Technology is Flourishing Rapidly with the pace of light. The government of India has come up with a mega project of building the green smart city in Gujarat. Yes, our honorable prime minister, Narendra Modi has come up with a Huge Project and Plan of building Dholera the Smart City. Dholera will no more remain a barren piece of land and will soon be converted into Green Smart city like Shanghai, Tokyo, Silicon Valley, Berlin, and London or even may become more advanced than these smart cities. Also, see Dholera city images.

About Dholera Smart City Project

“Smart Move To Smart City”

Dholera Smart City

It is India’s first green smart field city and it is going to be two times bigger than the national capital Delhi, 1.5 times bigger than Singapore and 6 times bigger than shanghai city. read about Dholera city in Gujarat.

The dholera smart city will comprise smart hospitals, a proper waste management system, smart roads, smart traffic management, a well-maintained water system, and a management system along with smart infrastructure.

It is interesting to know that all features and facilities will be connected with the internet thus there will IoT (internet of things) in dholera smart city. Doesn’t that sound amazing? This will make the city fully wireless with a wireless sensor system equipped in all over the dholera smart city.

Though there have been many projects on smart cities and India has so many smart cities but do you wonder what makes dholera city different from other smart cities? Well, the dholera is going to be converted into a fully barren piece of land into a smart city and hence it is called the green city. Unlike dholera other smart cities were already a city with large industries and populations.

Hence the other smart cities are called brownfield cities and dholera is called greenfield city.

Difference Between Green Field City and Brown Field CityDholera city images

In order to understand more about greenfield city and brownfield city let us distinguish them :

Green Field City Brownfield City
The city with No development The city is developed but needs improvement or expertise.
Clean and Natural Populated city
Industries Absent Industries present

Dholera Smart City Completion Date

  • Phase 1  completion date 2022
  • Phase 2 completion date 2032
  • Phase 3 completion date 2042

ICT System of Dholera City

Dholera city images

The project will be based on ICT meaning information, communication, and technology will be interconnected directly to each other and adding to its waterline, drainage line and the gas line will be underground. All the underground will be connected through a sensor and any improper function of the line will directly be notified to the administrative and business center for dholera building.

Dholera is a special investment region. Dholera smart city is a trunk infrastructure project and the government of India has consulted highly reputed technological companies namely Vipro, Infosys, and International Business Machines (IBM).

Dholera city will be dig free which will make the city technologically more advanced. All the buildings will be centrally connected with one Headquarter.  In case of any emergency or catastrophe, the administrative and business center for dholera building will be notified by means of wireless sensors and hence all the action will be implemented by notification.

Moreover, all the public activities will be monitored through CCTV camera and the proper implementation of traffic rules will also be ensured by means of speed and traffic sensors.

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Features and Facilities at Dholera Smart City

Dholera city images

  1. The hospitals at dholera city will be equipped with rooftop helipad space
  2. The city will be within the area of 920 sq km that is the almost 227337-acre size.
  3. Dholera city will comprise of the affordable and budget-friendly housing facility.
  4. The electricity of 5000 megawatts will be provided at dholera smart city.
  5. There will be reliable 8 lanes, 10 lane super fast roadways at the city.
  6. Dholera city will have its own international airport built for cargo and passengers.
  7. An accessible seaport facility will also be created nearby the city.
  8. The city will be connected to the whole of India by means of metro trains with super heavy speed.

Features and Facilities at Dholera Smart CityWaste Management at Dholera

The waste management system will also be well planned and properly maintained. The city will be equipped with an effluent treatment plant and hence all the industrial, domestic waste, electronic waste, biomedical waste will only be discharged after its proper treatment.  All waste generated will be treated accordingly and will also be converted into energy through various means.

This can be a really good opportunity for non-polluting industries with heavy engineering, auto, and auto ancillaries, defense, and MRO due to the availability of a large piece of land and skilled laborers and smart infrastructure.

Dholera city will have specialized and dedicated zones for various activities such as sports. The dholera city will run on conventional energy such as solar energy.

The main center of dholera namely administrative and business center for dholera will be itself equipped with smart and environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving design. The rooftop of the administrative and business center for dholera building will be covered with solar panels. The whole city will run on conventional means of energy. Tidal energy, solar energy, and various sustainable sources of energy will be used for powering up the whole city.

It will integrate multiple essential disciplines such as governance, health care, safety and security, education, transportation, industrial growth, utilities, and economy with city dashboard monitoring all the attributes. the main mission of the Indian government is to build a greenfield smart at the barren land piece of India and the NDA government has approved  Rs. 2784 Crores for  Dholera city.Waste Management at Dholera

Dholera city will become the first-ever greenfield smart city of India.

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