Ashadhi Bij 2020 | The History of Kutchi New Year | Since 1605

Ashadhi Bij 2020 | The History of Kutchi New Year | Since 1605

The Ashadhi Bij also called kutchi new Year. The Celebration and Establishment of Ashadhi Bij has its own interesting history. read the history of ashadhi Beej


About  Ashadhi Bij or Kutchi New Year :

Greetings to the Kutchi people on the auspicious occasion of ashadhi beej. Kutch is a well-known place for ancient traditions and practices. It is the true New Year for Kutchi people and it is also called Kutchi new year. Hence Kutchi people celebrate ashadhi bij in the month of ashadh (July or August).

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It is interesting to know about the history of ashadhi Bij or Kutch New Year. The king of Kutch was very curious about finding the last end of the world. So the king of Kutch along with soldiers went out to find out the last end of the earth back in 1605 but unfortunately, he was unable to remove his question mark on his curiosity. So he held back into Kutchi n the month of ashadh and he noticed a new environment in the land of Kutch.  It was beginning of the ashadh month and the Kutch appeared fully green.

Due to heavy rain, the territory of Kutch was blessed with green fields and mesmerizing views. Watching this the king of kutch got impressed and announced the celebration of the Kutchi new year and since then the commencement of the ashadh month is marked as ashadhi Bij or Kutchi new year.

Kutchi New Year

History of Ashadhi bij

Importance of Kutchi New Year or Ashadhi Bij

Ashadhi BijThis day is related to the start of downpours in Kutch, which is to a great extent a desert region. The Kutch suffers a lot of water shortages.

The commencement of Rain generally happens to be in the month of ashadh. Most of the Kutchi population is heavily dependent on agriculture for its livelihood.

Hence the ashadhi beej in Kutch is really considered an auspicious occasion, especially for the farming communities.

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