Airtel Free Talktime | Airtel’s Biggest Gift for 8 Million Users

Airtel Free Talktime | Airtel’s Biggest Gift for 8 Million Users

Get free airtel talk time during the quarantine period. read the airtel’s biggest announcement on Airtel Free Talktime given to its 8 million customers.

Lockdown has been done across the country due to Coronavirus. Meanwhile, the telecom company Airtel has made two new big announcements to help low-income customers across India.

Airtel Free Talktime

 The first Announcement about Airtel Free Talktime – the company is giving a talk time of Rs 10 to its 8 crore users with low income. This talk time can be used to make calls and send messages.

The company told –  ‘These 8 crore customers will effectively cover all the low-incomed families of the Airtel network. These special measures will especially benefit migrant workers and daily wage earners. Those who might have been affected by the nationwide lockdown to counter COVID-19.

Also, the company has said that the remaining customers of the Airtel network are already recharging their accounts through online platforms.

Airtel Free Talktime

The company has also said in the press release that through all these measures, Airtel customers will continue to have access to all the information being given by the government. Also, customers will be able to connect with whomever they want.

Let us tell you that to save the corona from spreading in India at this time, the government has announced a lockdown across the country. In such a situation, people are at their respective homes. This lockdown will continue till 14 April.

The number of people infected with the Coronavirus in India has crossed the 1000 mark. At this time it is safest to stay at home.

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